Sunday, November 24, 2013

Love Definition

What is love? You curious what really is love? Do you want to know if your partner loves you or not? There are many different ways to define love, but there are only a few ways real loving someone. Love is something very valuable and can not be taken seriously or lightly. It is something that makes us blind, deaf, mute and many other things. Here is the true definition of what really is love. Love is an action. When someone says. "I love you", then turns and acts like they could care less that with his or to your around, then don't you love. When someone says that only ceased to love your partner it is not a feeling that lost, but an action that stopped taking part. Love is an action and not just a feeling. I sure there are feelings that go along with it, but love is an action.

Now that we know it is an action we need to go a little further to get to the true meaning of love. Let us start by looking at the very popular 50/50 relationship. This means that each partner is suppose to give 50% to the relationship. This is a bad way to measure any relationship because if all you give is 50%, then you are only giving half of yourself. Love is a 100/100 relationship.

This is a relationship where both partners are willing to give 100% of themselves no matter what. If you truly do love someone, then you should not think about whether you are on the giving end or the taking end, but you should be willing to give, give, give, and then give some more. This is the only way that a relationship can truly work and be a loving relationship. Now love is also forgiving and understanding of the fact that we are all humans and we do make mistakes. There are many imperfections in a loving relationship, but the difference is that those imperfections are understood, accepted, and forgiven when they cause hurt. This is a true sign of a loving relationship and forgiveness is one of the deepest forms of love that can be expressed.

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